The Aftermath


I honestly have been hesitant to really even write this post. With everything that has happened and with no clear end in sight, the task has even seemed daunting. However, I know that this is a step I need to take. 

I keep thinking to myself, “Well, where do I even begin?” There is no better place I guess than the beginning. 

My husband and I have been out of sorts since I lost my job back in August of 2016. It seems to have been one bad rollercoaster ride after another. Job loss, moving, our sons birth, more job loss, moving and then the hurricane.  Nothing could have prepared us for the devastation we were about to receive. 

When we heard Harvey was going to hit the golf coast, we thought nothing much of it. Get a few supplies in case power goes out, nothing overly serious. My husband got put on a night shift and was set to work 12 hrs / 7 days a week. Everything was okay for us till the water just wouldnt stop rising. We even had a small break in the rain. The water kept creeping. 

We knew there was nothing good about to come, so we made the ultimate decision as parents to whisk our child away to safety and wait out the rest of the storm. My husband sadly had to put himself back in harms way and leave our son and myself with friends hours away. Talk about helpless. Not knowing what to expect next. We even lived close enough and had family and friends who were close to the chemical plant that had containers blowing up. Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep that week. 

When we did make it back, and by we I mean our son and I, the losses were devastating. The house had taken in several feet of water destroying everything. The waste management facility in the community also flooded out, so all the water that got in the house was also contaminated. I do not regret the decision to get out, however I wish we had taken more steps days prior to prepare. Who knows what we could have actually saved. But, hindsight is always 20/20. 

So, we are currently one of many families displaced by Harvey. The worst part of it is, we are at the mercy of others. Because of our previous living situation, our FEMA app is being denied. We cannot get rental assistance till we are renting someplace, and all other assistance has been shut down for our area. I was unaware there was other assistance available till recently. I wish I was better equipped to handle a natural disaster. 

So, in the wake of everything I decided to go ahead and start a GoFundMe campaign to try and raise some funds. The goal is to hopefully replace some items but ultimately its to find a steady, safe environment for our kids. Someplace where we dont have to worry about where we are going to end up in the next week. 

Whether we get enough to rent out for the next 6 month’s somewhere, or even enough to start the purchasing process, ultimately the goal is a secure homestead for our children. A stable environment where they dont have to worry, and we can focus on rebuilding our future. 

I ask that if you’ve taken the time to read this, please go over to the campaign page and share it, or even share this blog post. They say it takes a village, so here we are. 

GoFundMe – Starting Over After Harvey
Thank you for taking the time to read and allowing me to share our journey with you. The process is only beginning. 

-Until Next Time


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