About the Author

Hello, and Welcome!

My name is Danielle and I am many things. A friend, daughter, sister, grand daughter, wife, mother, step mother, divorce survivor, fighter, and of course blogger! I’ve started Bubbles N Carrots as an outlet for my passion in writing, story telling, and helping people.

I come from a very diverse background. I’m the eldest of 4, 2 sisters and 1 brother. I am a military brat and have traveled almost every year of my life thus far, even after my family settled in Texas. I married in 2014 and divorced a year later in 2015. I am also a child from a divorced family, so when I say I am a divorce survivor I speak from several perspectives. However, 2016 has definitely been a new year as well. I am now remarried with a step daughter, and one due February 2017.

I also love arts and crafts, DIY, baking and other little creative outlets! I am probably slowly going to drive my husband crazy with all the arts and crafts things I want to do in the coming months! I’ve been writing since I could learn to hold a pencil and started painting and drawing shortly there after. I’ve competed in several art competitions from middle school through high school and even a little in college. I dabble in several forms of media from pencil art all the way into digital media. I’m not out to claim that I’m a super amazing, out of this world, professional or anything, but I’m not bad either.

I’ve come here because I want to share my life with you, my success as well as my struggles. I’ve always had a passion for writing and helping people. I’ve come to blogging as a source to be able to share what I’ve come to learn with others who may be going through or share the same experiences as I do. From what its like to be a new mom in a blended family to how to create your own art space, I want to be here to inspire you to be the best YOU that there is! Be You-niquely, unequivocally, inspirationally, be-YOU-tifully YOU!


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