Journey through divorce


I started this post over a couple times already trying to figure out how I’m going to write this out while still fitting into my goals for writing. I only want to try my best to always write from a positive and uplifting stance. I find that on this particular topic I’m a little unequipped to do that effectively and exactly the way I’m thinking. Surviving divorce is not glamorous or easy and for some it can be the struggle of a lifetime.

angelina-and-brad-pitt-wedding-photos-7With the recent announcement of the divorce of #brangelina, I find that this particular topic is becoming more and more prevalent in our society. This one goes out to you who are looking for a little guidance through divorce.

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The ugly, the bad, and the light


Today I write to share about my life so far this year. I need to get these things out of me as part of my self therapy or self-healing as it were. And its funny that I write today (12/6/14), a week after an important date, which you’ll find out more about later. So. Without further adieu.

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